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Patriotic at Heart

There are two things lately that disturb me every time I see or hear them. I never thought of myself as overly patriotic but it is the only explanation to explain the way that I feel that I can think… Continue Reading →

I Watched Twilight

Let’s forget for a moment that vampires are imaginary creatures and pretend that they aren’t. In Stephenie Meyer’s book series, she chose to ignore the basic premises that all vampire legends up to this point have been built on. (It’s… Continue Reading →

I Let My Son Dress Himself…

…and we get the most interersting combinations when he layers.

As Seen on a

White Castle sign:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

B: It’s good that God made the grass green because on this day everything is supposed to be green. On a side note, I am blessed that Ben has teachers who LOVE what they do. Today, Miss Molly went “golfing”… Continue Reading →

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