Let’s forget for a moment that vampires are imaginary creatures and pretend that they aren’t. In Stephenie Meyer’s book series, she chose to ignore the basic premises that all vampire legends up to this point have been built on. (It’s like choosing to ignore Scary Movie rules, right? Big mistake.) Sunlight makes vampires sparkle? Really? Sparkle like a fire because everyone knows that vampires burst into flames in the sun. Crosses? Vampires can’t stand them but there’s one in the entrance way of the Cullen abode. Only way to kill a vampire is to rip them into pieces and burn them? Again, sunlight, sharp pointy wooden sticks to the heart, and lobbing off their heads have been known to do the trick. Vampires have no reflection and can not be photographed. Oh, and perhaps the biggest one, vampires CANNOT enter your house to watch you sleep or anything else unless they have been invited in…a life saver on many occasions.

The fundamental rules of vampires were so often broken that it made me lose sight of the story line which was redundant. This whole love angst between a vampire and a human has been done…Buffy and Angel. It made me miss Buffy more. Fact is, I’ve been working my way through the first three seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Hulu. Bella and Edward are all like kill me I want to be a vampire/no you don’t. There is nothing really that is keeping them apart except themselves. So far, I’ve found Bella to be all help me/save me. Buffy was the slayer and could totally stand up for herself except for the few times that she died. The relationship between Buffy and Angel (and later Spike) couldn’t happen because of the whole vampires gotta bite/slayers gotta kill factor.

I’m not going to argue the evils and qualities of a book series based upon watching a movie (I’ve put holds on the unabridged books on CD from the library) because there’s so much in the books that must be taken into consideration. I am reserving the right to comment on those later.

Thus being said, I still miss Buffy.