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Random Acts of Kidness

After I pick up Ben at preschool, I get to read a small blurb about what he’d done that day. Imagine my surprise when I read that he was working on a project for Random Acts of Kidness week. Random… Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget to Vote!

If you don’t, you’ll only have yourselves to blame! :)

What? Crack Shortage Blamed for Violence

When I saw this, I knew it was a slow news day… From Local 12: Drug dealers and buyers face a fresh surge of violence as the supply of crack cocaine dwindles and the demand does not. We’re not talking… Continue Reading →

Butter Side Down

As Ben and I were eating breakfast the other day, I noticed that he was eating his toast with the butter side down and toward his tongue. I was going to correct him but stopped. I asked myself, “Self, why… Continue Reading →

Face Time w/McCain and Palin

This Labor Day weekend, we traveled to Pittsburgh for a regional gathering which I used to attend regularly. While we were about an hour away from the hotel, Dad (for both he and Robert were going to be there) called… Continue Reading →

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