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I Let My Son Dress Himself…

…and we get the most interersting combinations when he layers.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

B: It’s good that God made the grass green because on this day everything is supposed to be green. On a side note, I am blessed that Ben has teachers who LOVE what they do. Today, Miss Molly went “golfing”… Continue Reading →

Reflections from a McD’s Playplace

My Thoughts from Wednesday, April 23rd: Why can the only shade be found if you sit on the ground near the slide with your back against the playplace railing? When did my son become such a tattletale/rule follower? I hear… Continue Reading →

So Far So Good

Ben’s been accident free up to today. We had a bunch of corn on the cob this weekend so his stool was a little looser than normal and he got a little bit of it in his underwear before putting… Continue Reading →

By Jove! I Think He’s Got It!

Fortunately, Ben did start pooping again on Wednesday after not pooping since the Sunday before and he’s been pooping once or twice a day ever since! Today marked a week of pooping in the potty (with no accidents on top… Continue Reading →

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